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Yoga Burn Reviews- Real Scam or Safe Results?

Yoga Burn Reviews- Real Scam or Safe Results?

Yoga Burn reviews: Gym exercises will not give you the perfect shape, but it will help you build your image. We will struggle a lot. You can find significant differences between yoga and gym practices.

Yoga calms both your mind and soul, and it also provides the perfect structure of your body. Gym exercises will give you a chance to work harder to achieve physical fitness, but they will not give you peace of mind.

Read the Yoga Burn reviews and learn how you can easily cut your weight and shape it accordingly. By practicing the Yoga Burn , you can make beautiful changes in both internal and external fitness.

Yoga Burn Reviews

A digital bodybuilding program for women. The program was designed in 2014 by Zoo Bray Cotton, an internationally certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and women’s change specialist. The product was developed in collaboration with Digital Health Solutions Inc.

The 12-week program aims to support weight loss and bodybuilding for women in the shortest possible time. It is divided into 3 stages of growing difficulty: foundation flu, transformational flu, and mastery flu.

Zoo Bray Cotton called this new form of yoga “dynamic Sequencing yoga.” One of the attractive features of this program is that you can complete the yoga workout from the comfort of your own home.

Users can purchase Yoga Burn workout videos as a kit that includes a Yoga Burn DVD as well as a digital version compatible with any mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

The Genetic Basis of Weight Loss:

Your genetic makeup plays a role in maintaining your body or losing weight. Some people are at risk of becoming obese. Assessing how your genes affect your weight can help you choose a weight loss plan that best appreciates your body’s natural ability. Lifestyle choices that help with weight gain should also be considered.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Genetic testing can be helpful in telling clients how to develop an individualized health plan.

In particular, genes play a role in where people gain fat, how fats are processed, fat is burned, and how easily one tends to lose weight after a healthy diet. By using a genetic testing site such as Nebula Genomics, you can determine if you have certain genes that can affect your weight loss goals.

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About the Dynamic Sequencing Science Of Yoga Burn:

Dynamic layout yoga was popularized by zoo bray cotton. She bases this new strategy on completing the program, which has three stages of growing difficulty. This new approach is different from the traditional yoga that is commonly imagined.

Does yoga burn calories? Dynamic continuity is marketed as a fitness routine to burn calories. First, to improve the body continuously, the body moves forward permanently.

Another benefit is that it helps newcomers to yoga to build a strong foundation in the first stage. Lastly, since regular yoga practice is a constant challenge, dynamic setting helps individuals avoid exercise levels, which can discourage people from exercising.

Although other yoga routines encourage flexibility, core strength and other fitness goals, the dynamic setting is specifically designed to help women lose weight.

Phase I: Foundational Flow

At this stage, women will form a strong solid foundation of yoga. They prepare for the increasing difficulty of the program by learning the proper forms of yoga pose. This section also focuses on building a strong “brain-body” connection through breathing exercises.

Phase II: Transitional Flow

In this phase, women combine the tricks learned in the first phase into a smooth sequence that burns calories and increases heart rate. Each video focuses on 1 of 3 major muscle groups: upper body, lower body and core.

Phase III: Mastery Flow

Phase 3 Master Flow In the final phase, the women combine the tricks learned in Phases I and II that make a particular yoga routine. These exercises are designed to tone the body and burn calories efficiently. In this section, the concepts are more repetitive and the instructor introduces a combination of body and body movements.

Example Week of Yoga Burn

​Here’s an example of what your first week might look like while completing the program:

  • Monday – 45 minute Class #1 of Foundational Flow
  • Tuesday – Brisk walk
  • Wednesday – ​45 Minute Class #2 of Foundational Flow
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday – 45-Minute Class #3 of Foundational Flow
  • Saturday – Brisk Walk
  • Sunday – Rest Day or Tranquillity Flow Class to give your mind a break

You would then repeat this for three more weeks before moving onto the next phase.

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Reviews of Yoga Burn:

This program is a 12 week weight loss program. Consumers can choose either a standard fitness system for women, programs that target specific muscles, or a shopping plan.

Consumers receive a Yoga Burn DVD and a digital copy of 15 yoga classes. Classes divide the 12-week program into 3 phases that run every 4 weeks. Anonymous is encouraged to complete the Quiet Flow, Beginner Flow, and Pause tutorials with the option to complete 3 of the 45 minute 3 week videos with one of the full bonus videos.

Customer service is available at SupportiogaBurn.net or by phone at 1 (866) 730-7334 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Before buying a product, customers can take a quick, 7-minute quiz to get a recommendation on which program to buy.

Yoga Burn encourages users to take quizzes to get program recommendations. Questions are short and multiple likes are the same.

Yoga Burn Benefits:

Aside from the three-stage structure, you may be wondering what makes Yoga Burn different from regular classes.

According to creator, Zoe bray Cotton, there are a number of reasons why Yoga Burn is a good choice for women who want to lose weight, tone their body and increase their metabolism:

This program is designed for women to provide maximum visual results in the shortest time *: Unlike walking celebrity fitness videos, Yoga Burn constantly challenges you to improve – the only way to achieve real physical changes. It also targets areas of general concern to women.

Yoga Burn sequences can be adjusted for your current level and goals: Each setting is designed to the best of your ability, so you won’t be forced to try poses that are either too easy or too difficult. This is one of the main benefits of yoga burn compared to the traditional class.

As you become more stronger, the program becomes more difficult and innovative: This stops the plateaus and forces your body to burn more calories. You will also see rapid gains in muscle tone, strength and flexibility – and you will feel more relaxed.

Yoga burn programs can be done at home to reduce stress: Whether you’re running late or worried about other people who make decisions for you, yoga classes are rarely comfortable. In fact, they can actually increase stress hormones in the body. Zoe explains that it can also put more fat in your body! In contrast, yoga burn programs can be performed at home whenever you have the time, so it is easy to fit into everyday life.

This is a yoga program especially for women: Have you ever thought that it is strange that most yoga classes involve people of different ages and genders? This means that instead of providing the instructor with the best class for your needs, it is important to meet each one. Yoga Burn is designed for women only, which is one of the reasons Zoe is so effective.

Yoga Burn Inside Programs:

Fitness System for Women:

What you do: 3-step approach that teaches women how to perform each movement correctly and then gradually increases the difficulty in burning fat.
Fitness Levels: Taking Early Advancement
Age: All

Trim Core Challenge:

What you do: 3-step approach that targets the abdominal muscles. Called “Corset Core Training“, the project is designed to strengthen and shape the core.
Fitness Level: Taking Early Advancement
Age: 18 to 65 years old

Total Body challenge:

What you do: Low impact resistance training called “extension training”
Fitness Level: Taking Early Advancement
Age: 18 to 65 years old

Booty Challenge:

What you do: Complete 3 steps using Prime, Activate, Pump steps
Fitness Level:  Beginners to advance
Age: 18 to 65 years old

Inner circle:

What you do: Participate in an online community that provides access to health and fitness coaches, including nutrition. Consumers also receive new exercises, recipes, and nutrition tools each month
Fitness Level:  Beginners to advance
Age: All

Meditation Solution:

What you do: Choose sessions that last 15 minutes and target the mind, body, or spirit.
Fitness level: Beginners to advance
Age: All

Yoga Burn Monthly:

What you do: Once a month for six months, users receive a set of DVDs that teach users how to master each major style of yoga.
Fitness level: Beginners to advance
Age: All

Yoga Burn Kick Start Kit:

What you do: A month-long program that teaches the basics and basic techniques of yoga
Fitness Level: Beginners or others who want to refresh their skills
Age: All

When Can You See Results:

The Yoga Burn System is a 12 week program. Each stage develops to the last degree, so you’ll start to see better flexibility, strength and flexibility faster – although the exact timing varies from person to person. Zoe also says that classes boost your metabolism, help your immune system and improve your focus.

We have to be honest though – this “style program” doesn’t fit in 5 minutes. You need to stick with it for a full 12 weeks . Once you start seeing results, it’s easy to keep up with the program .

Yoga Burn Pros and Cons:


  • Yoga Burn is great for women who want to lose weight from the comfort of their own home.
  • Zoe provides a simple and guided progression for each video. Each class is easy to follow, but diverse and enjoyable.
  • Dynamic continuity means you will always be challenged regardless of your current level.
  • Zoe claims that this course can speed up your metabolism, lose weight, improve your immune system and make you feel happier in general.
  • You get Yoga Burn in digital downloads, DVD and audio formats so you can use it anywhere.
  • The price of $ 37 is a great price – and if you don’t feel like you’re getting results, you can get a refund within 60 days (we don’t think it’s worth it anyway Likely!)


  • This is not a “magic” weight loss system. You need to follow the program for 12 weeks for best results – although you will soon begin to see improvement.
  • Instead of a full 45 minute class, each video is 15 minutes long which you repeat 3 times. This is not a big loss, as repetition is an integral part of the program, but we like the whole 45 minute video.
  • Pose will probably not be quite challenging for advanced yoga practitioners.

Yoga Burn Cost & Where to Buy:

On the official website, the Fitness System for Women, Trim Core Challenge, Total Body Challenge, and Botty Challenge are over $37 promotions on shipping and handling promotion. The package includes a single digital download and physical collection. Customers can double their order for $57 plus shipping and handling.

Inner Circle: Users can try Yoga Burn Inner Circle for free for 14 days. After a free trial, users can choose to continue with the program for $14 per month or unsubscribe at any time.

Meditation Solutions: Yoga Burn Meditation Solutions is only available via digital download. On promotion its costs is $29.95 .

Monthly: Currently, the Yoga Burn Monthly program is offering a free first month DVD for shipping and handling. The remaining five months cost $37 per month include shipping.

Kickstart Kit: Yoga Burn is being promoted in which users can order a free Kickstart Kit with just a payment of shipping and handling.

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Refund Policy:

All Yoga Burn programs have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Yoga Burn Privacy Policy:

According to their privacy policy, Yoga Burn collects information from its users, including personal information, credit card information and browsing activities. Yoga Burn will use the customer’s personal information for purposes such as providing goods and services, marketing and improving their products.

YogaBurn may share consumer information with third parties primarily for its service, advertising and marketing purposes. Financial information is encrypted and secured with SSL encryption software. Yoga Burn only uses credit financial information such as credit card information to process transactions.

Yoga Burn will once again delete or anonymize personal services when it is not necessary to provide the service for which it was collected.

Users can also request that their information be removed by contacting Yoga Burn at privacy@yoga-burn.net

Summary OF Yoga Burns Reviews:

Most training sessions cost reason $37 per program and include both physical DVDs and digital copies. The programs are designed for all levels of yoga so that both beginner and more advanced yoga practitioners can experience new challenges.

How many calories does yoga burn? One of the most difficult aspects of the program is that users have to stay normal for many months and increase yoga with another healthy lifestyle choice to see the calories burned. The results of the burn were noticeable to some reviewers, but not to others. Genes can play a role in these differences.

By aligning their DNA, consumers can gain insights into how their genes affect their weight targets before buying weight loss products such as Yoga Burn. This genomic information can help you decide which health goals (nutrition, fitness, etc.) to prioritize.

Must Read About Popular Programs of Yoga Burn:


We were expecting the Yoga Burn program to be another moving yoga video (if you’ve purchased any of these celebrity yoga exercises that last up to 45 minutes, you recognize our identity!) So We were thrilled to find out that the zoe’s yoga program has some very specific concepts.

Obviously, we like it, but this program is especially for girls who want it. This focus, combined with constant growth, greatly improves the structure and growth of the female body *.

We additionally assume that it is good that the program is tailored to your current yoga and fitness level. So we will see the results of every preliminary and intermediate. It also has some eye-catching impressions and lines that are pleasantly pleasing to the area unit – and very easy to adapt to.

After all, if you stick to this program and combine it with a healthy diet, you will no doubt see real changes in your body. Does the ratio vary depending on the individual, what ratio you have tried and your diet. Also included is “60 days no money back guarantee from questions”, so you have nothing to lose by trying. However, once you’ve achieved something in weeks and started seeing results, we don’t assume there’s a way to stop you!

So ladies, if you want someone else for the athletic facility that you will complete in the comfort of your own home, the Yoga Burn System may be the right choice. Have fun with the classes!

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