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Weight Training Program For Women/Men-Biotox Gold - Ratings with Reviews

Weight Training Program For Women/Men-Biotox Gold

Weight Training Program For Women/Men: There are a number of components to which fat loss training depends. And you can use these ingredients to create your own fat loss or muscle building training program. These include the type of training equipment and the resistance you want to use.

The number of exercises and sets and repetitions you will use. You will use weight lifting and your total rest time is also affected. Using these women can create a weight training program for women and men can create their own program

Of these ingredients, we will discuss some of them that you can use to create your own weight training program for women. It depends on where you want to exercise. The choice of tools to use varies.

Weight Training Program For Women/Men

Choosing Resistance

The resistance refers to the weight or the equipment you will use that will provide the desired resistance to your muscles. There are many ways you can provide resistance few of those we will mention here.

Less exercise equipment

If you are a beginner, you do not need to use any equipment. If you have budget problems, you can start exercising without any equipment. There are many weight loss exercises available for this type of exercise. Doing this will make your muscles work a little harder and you can go on to exercise with weights later. Also, you can walk or walk depending on your purpose.

Using a resistance band

If you are starting to exercise at home, you can start using resistance bands. They are made of rubber and are quite cheap. If you want to exercise at home, you can buy them. They are also available at the gym. They can be used to provide resistance and you can use them to do a variety of total body exercises. And there are many bands in a set of bands with different intensity of resistance.

Use of dumbbells

There are different types of dumbbells in the gym. But you can also buy them for your home if you want. And exercise with people at your home or gym. But the thing to consider is that you will have different weights in the gym.

If you want to buy your home, you can. Normal lightweight (2-4 pounds dumbbells for women and 6-8 pounds for men), a medium size set (5-10 pounds for women and men and 10-15 pounds respectable). And you can buy a set of heavy dumbbells according to your needs.


Once again the gym has a variety of machines at our service. But if you want to exercise at home, you can buy a home gym machine. Or you can start at home with push ups and pull ups. There are many other exercises you can do to lose fat.

Choosing Exercises

When you decide on your luggage and exercise space. Choose only five to ten exercises. If you are doing this to gain fat or gain muscle, it will target your whole body.

There are two types of muscle groups in our body. One is a group of short muscles and the other is a group of large muscles. Short muscle groups include the biceps and triceps. Larger muscle groups include the chest, back, and legs.

For a short muscle group, you can do one or two exercises per training session. Training for large muscle groups, it is recommended to do more than 3 exercises in each training session.

There are a variety of equipment available in the gym, so you need to choose the exercises based on the production you need.

There are many exercises for chest muscles including chest press, cyst fly / butter fly, pushups, bench press, flying bench press. Here are some basic exercises you can do to hit your chest.

The back muscles include the upper back and lower back. You have to hit the upper back and the lower back one after the other to cover the whole back. His exercises include one arm row, pull-ups, rear extensions, flying flights (they are like chest flies but in opposite directions).

There are many other exercises but these are just some of the basic exercises you can do

The shoulder muscles also include the upper shoulder, which is just above your biceps and triceps. The other part is the shoulder collar that is attached to the neck. There are different exercises for both of them. Some of them are Overhead Press, Lateral Rises, Front Rises, Upgrade Rows.

Biceps muscle exercises include dumbbell biceps curls, hammer curls, protection band curls.

Triceps exercises include sitting extensions, dips, kickbacks, overhead extensions.

Lower body
Lower body exercises include skits, lungs, calf races, deadlifts, stop ups, and leg presses.

Basic control and exercise is the most difficult because it is the abdomen and most of the body fat is there. His exercises include Crunches, Planks, Cycle crunches.

And even if you want to target a single muscle group to build it, you just want to do some work or lose some fat. Then it is important to work on all the muscle groups in the body. So exercising the same muscles will not work for you. So the thing you need to pay attention to is to burn as many calories as possible and get some lean body on your body.

If you seek advice from a specialist, they recommend that you work on your major muscle groups first. And then move on to smaller muscle groups. You will need your small muscle group to kill your large muscle group so it is important to work on both.


Here is no specific exercise order you can create your order. The way you like to do exercise and your likeness to choose which muscle to hit first and which muscle in the end.

Choosing the Number of Sets & Repetitions

After choosing your exercises which you want to do. The next thing comes that how many sets and reps you will be doing. This decision is also based on your own goal and the outcome you want to achieve.

According to the famous UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS AND MEDICINE, they suggest doing 4 to 6 reps with a heavier weight for increasing the muscle size. And 8 to 12 reps if you want to gain muscular strength. Several 10 to 15 reps for muscle durability.

To Gain Muscle mass
It is suggested to do 3 or more sets of an exercise with 6 to 8 reps to fatigue the muscle. If you are a beginner just give yourself a few weeks of conditioning before starting this level of exercise.

To Lose Fat On Body
For fat loss of the body, it is suggested to do 1 to 3 sets of an exercise with repetition of 10 to 12 with a moderate weight so you can just do the desired no of sets and reps.

You can do the desired no of sets and repetitions if you are a starter.

How To Choose Your Weight.

After choosing the no of sets and reps the most important thing is to choose the weight

Choosing the weight is based upon the no of reps and sets you are choosing to do. The most general rule of choosing the weight is to choose enough weight so that you can complete the desired no of reps. In other words the last repetition of your set you can do with your effort and a good form.

If you are a starter or a person with some medical issues or health conditions. Just avoid the fatigue workout. And choose a weight that is suitable for you and can also challenge you.

If you are thinking about how to know about the weight which can challenge your body? Then read further

It is a saying by some professional weight lifters that “The larger the group of muscle the heavier the weight”

According to the above quotation the larger the muscle group like thigh, chest, and back. They can handle more weight than the group of mall muscles like the bicep, triceps, and abs.

It is a property of a machine that keeps weight stable. It also moves in a straight line which doesn’t affect your muscle angle. If you use dumbbells’ to do the exercise you have to stabilize the angle plus use your muscle to keep it from falling.



If you are a beginner, it will take some exercise sessions to find out how much weight is right for you.

If you want to determine how much weight is right for you, this is the best thing to do. Start lightly and then gradually increase the weight so that you can achieve your goal and get in perfect shape. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

Here are some tips to help you get started: And help you get the most out of your output.

The first starts with a light weight and does some warm-up exercises. So that your muscles are exposed to heavy exercise.
Gain weight on set number 2 but stay within the weight that is easy for you to handle. Also manageable so that you can achieve your goal for set and repetition. If you still have the strength to keep repeating, then continue or gain some weight and keep going.
Your body talks to you. Just listen to your body and act on it.


One of the most important things is how much rest you get between exercise sets. But here’s a simple rule of thumb. In other words, the number of its representations will be higher and the rest will be smaller. If you are lifting heavyweight and not representing 6 to 8.

After that you should rate maximum 2 minutes to 3 minutes. If the weight is low and the number of delegates is high, the maximum rest time should be 30 to 60 seconds. And if you are lifting a lot of weight and representing enough, then your body is in the grip of complete fatigue, then you should rest for about 5 minutes. Only then will your body be able to complete the next set with proper form.

If you are a beginner in the gym, you do not need to exercise for fatigue. So as long as you don’t start exercising, your muscles stay strong and warm.

Tips for better exercise

Even if you are a beginner or a supporter, these tips will work for you. If you keep them in mind.

Set up a warm-up before you start exercising. If you plan to do this, it helps to warm up your muscles and get you ready for heavy workouts.
Lift weights in a stable manner.

Do not rush to pick it up as it can be harmful to your muscles.
Just don’t hold your breath.

Breathing during or after your set is effective as it will release more energy. This will help your muscles get the oxygen they need to contract and compress your muscles.
Keep your posture straight because posture plays a very important role in maintaining your proper shape.

If the defective posture can also affect your bones because you are lifting weights and being overweight can affect your spine or your body joints.
First your muscles will sore and it will hurt, so we suggest that you be prepared for the wound.

As a professional in this field we know that some people are not interested in the above points and still they read the whole article because they will be looking for shortcuts to lose fat but our priority is that Check yourself out.

But still, if you want us to recommend a shortcut to weight loss, we will suggest you a weight loss supplement that will work to help you lose weight (Biotox Gold). And you don’t have to worry about exercise and everything else.

What is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is a dietary liquid supplement that comes on the market with the goal of losing weight without any side effects. All of its components had undergone numerous trials and tribulations before reaching your hands. Therefore, Biotox will make your weight loss journey safer and faster.

In addition, all ingredients are sourced from premium natural resources. From manufacturing to packaging, the whole process of Biotox formula is done following the GMP guidelines. So far, no other supplement has been as effective as this one.

How Does Biotox Gold Work?

What do you do when you can find the real cause of a problem, of course, you work for that particular cause and fix it, right?

Manufacturers of Biotox Gold supplements do the same for you, as they target key factors that lead to weight gain.

A large group of researchers claim that one of the main reasons for gaining extra pounds is “toxic”. The scariest thing is that it changes your metabolism.

However, our body is so blessed that it can reduce these unhealthy toxins through our vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs. Because our exposure to toxic foods is increased by junk foods, canned foods, black smoke from cars, etc., our systems are unable to cope with the additional burden of detoxification. Thus, these obsessions are called the formation of endocrine chemicals in our body and weight gain.

Thankfully, the Biotox breakthrough liquid drop formula comes as a boon in solving these problems. It helps to detoxify your body. It breaks down toxins, and so you can shed excess fat.

The second goal of this product is to slow down your metabolic rate. When you have a slow metabolic rate, your body stores more calories instead of burning them. Biotox gold nutrition skyrockets your metabolism as well as energy levels so that you can be given a slim trim body in no time.

Last but not least, motility resistance is a major cause of unhealthy weight gain. When you are eating, this gastrointestinal hormone sends a signal to your brain that you are hungry. As you take in the essential nutrients of Biotox Gold Nutrition, your body absorbs and stores all of its activity. Thus, this process reactivates motile resistance and you do not feel any desire for food.

So, does Biotox Gold really work? The above headings can give you a glimpse of it. Still, it has other key benefits that you can see below.

To learn more about how Biotox Gold works, Click Here.

Biotox Gold Benefits

Biotox Gold Intense Formula helps you provide tons of health benefits in your weight loss journey. In addition, it not only ensures that you fit into the outfit of your choice, but also helps you achieve your fitness goals. In the following, given below some benefits of Biotox Gold

Gives skyrockets to your metabolism

With age, the rate of metabolism begins to decline. But, for the human body, metabolism acts as the backbone. People think that They have to give up food to stop weight gain. But it has harmful effects on their body. Thanks to this Biotox Gold Australia supplement because it boosts your metabolism and you start burning fat.

Keep your hormone levels balanced

When you are on a dieting, your organs do not get enough energy to continue their activity. In this way, they produce uneven hormones, which stimulate your appetite. You eat a lot and flourish. This supplement tests cravings and balances your hormonal levels.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

As you may know, it eliminates toxins from your body. But it takes time. Therefore, free radicals can damage your cells during this period. It then acts as an antioxidant to reverse tremendous formal damage.

Click here to Learn more about the Benefits of Biotox Gold on the Official Website.

How to use Biotox Gold?

To get the best results from this you should follow the Biotox Gold directions that come with this product. You may have seen the first sentence on their official website that said “30 second morning ritual to burn your stubborn fat”.

This is not just a statement. It demonstrates the simplicity of Biotox Gold’s diet and performance in reducing unwanted fats. Researching the Biotox Gold supplement review, we found that you need to take 10 drops per day. If we distribute these foods, you will have to take three drops in the morning, evening and night accordingly.

Needless to say, consistency is the key to reducing it, taking this incredible extra regularly is no exception.

Biotox Gold Pros and Cons

We want to keep our Biotox nutrition review as neutral as we can because we also want your hard earned money not to be wasted. That’s why we bring some of the flaws and minuses of Biotox Gold. Check below:


  • Each ingredient of this Biotox Gold is lab tested & obtained from premium quality natural resources
  • No hard & fast schedule to consume it-all you need to take thrice a day.
  • There are no age limitations to use this product as it shows positive results in a 70 years Old lady.
  • It improves your vitality, memory, digestion along with reducing fats.
  • No surgical procedure, no strict dieting is required-all you need is consistency to stick to the supplement.
  • Provides Full Refund policy.
  • Comes with two bonuses.


  • You can purchase this product only from their official site as Biotox Gold amazon, Walmart, eBay store is unavailable.
  • We didn’t find the Biotox Gold phone number on their official site, so you can only contact them via mail.

Where to Buy Biotox Gold

We often look for third party retailers to get low cost products. But what happens is they give you a counterfeit product, so it appears to have zero effects on your condition and so you think that Biotox is a gold scam or not.

Therefore, those who want to get genuine products at the discounted price available, just visit the official Biotox Gold website to order their Biotox Gold

In addition, if you purchase products from their official site, they sometimes offer you a Biotox Gold coupon code. With this Biotox Gold coupon, you will be able to buy Biotox Gold real products at great deals.

Get the Best Discount on Biotox Gold from the Official Website.

Pricing plan for this Biotox Gold liquid supplement:

You can purchase one bottle at $79 that will give you full one-month support.

Three bottles | Best value-three-month supply

Here, you will be able to save $24 on each bottle because they give you a single bottle at $55 in this package, so the total cost will be $165.

Six bottles | popular-six-month supply

In this package, you can buy each bottle at $42, so the total cost will be around $252. This is an excellent deal.

Refund policy

Best of all, they offer you a full refund within 60 days. This means that if he is unable to make an impact, you can apply for a refund. Although we all know that as a result of external supplements the person is different from the other, but their solid refund policy really indicates that you don’t have to break your bank relying on this product.

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