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Divine Locks Complex Reviews – Real Scam or Safe Results?

Divine Locks Complex Reviews – Real Scam or Safe Results?

Divine Locks is an inner beauty and an additional source of nutrition for you that claims to refresh and support naturally thick, healthy hair.

By taking two tablets of Divine Locks Complex daily, you can enjoy shiny, long and short looking hair at any age.

Do Divine Locks Really Work? Is Divine Locks Just Another Hair Completion Scandal? Find out all you need to know about Divine Locks and its effects today in our review.

Divine Locks

What is Divine Locks?

The supplement is marketed primarily for middle-aged and older women who want to reshape their hair. With divine Locks, you can use natural ingredients to restore thickness, health and youth to your hair in particular.

The supplement is produced by a company called Inner beauty & You. Each bottle costs around $ 39.

How Do Divine Locks Work?

Divine locks claim to use natural ingredients to target the root cause of hair quality problems: the cells inside your hair

As you get older, your dermal papillae cells aim to “pinch”, which is a sign of aging. The purpose of the divine lock is to “unpinch” these cells, allowing them to spread.

Developed the Divine Locks Complex to help you see the inner beauty and benefits within about a week of taking the formula. After a week, divine locks help deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles, resulting in a significant improvement in hair quality.

Divine locks don’t just claim to restore the quality and youth of your hair: the formula also claims to prevent you from losing your hair. Within the first month of getting Divine Locks, you can reduce shedding by 80% or more. This means that you will lose 80% short hairs before you take the divine locks.

Divine locks even claim to reorganize the hair, something that does not claim to be the best solution for balding. The FDA has approved only one hair regrowth treatment (active ingredient in minoxidil, Rogaine  and other formulas), and even monoxide does not work on everyone. However, the inner beauty and you insist that after taking the divine locks you will “grow again in areas that have not had hair for years”.

Obviously, it would be better if you suspect that a supplement claims to reattach the hair. Some supplements claim to support hair quality and growth and that’s fine. However, no major studies have shown that oral supplements can regenerate hair.

Understanding how Divine Locks works helps to understand the story of the formula, as highlighted on the official website.

The Story Behind Divine Locks:

The official Divine Locks sales page tells the story of how a woman named Rebecca Armstrong ruined her daughter’s marriage because her hair didn’t look good.

Rebecca struggled with poor quality for years. He tried various treatments, but he still dealt with moisture problems, bald spots and cheerful steroids.

“… My hair is not as thick and beautiful as it used to be. My thin and whispering straps look like a bunch of cobwebs every year. My scalp is more visible with each passing day. And my straw. As if the edges have become so dry and bad that I swear they break just by looking.

Two days before her daughter’s wedding, Rebecca went to the salon to have her hair cut. She wanted to look her best at the wedding. The stylist ruined Rebecca’s hair. Rebecca was going to look terrible at the wedding.

“She turned me back to face the mirror. I tried to answer. But my throat was already tight – like a 300lb wrestler was holding him. I tried to stop myself from bursting into tears.” She tried her best … she completely got his hands off the hair. “

Rebekah’s hair looked so bad that her daughter kept crying throughout the wedding. She was ashamed of her mother’s appearance.

Rebecca decided to make a difference. He researched the treatment of baldness and hair loss. She looked for a cure for hair growth. Finally, Rebecca met a cosmetologist named Kayla Rochin. Kayla told Rebecca about the “Divine Lock Method” to regenerate her hair.

Rebecca gained sharp and noticeable benefits by following the banana divine locking method, which includes:

  • Her hair grew an entire inch.
  • Its distribution ends.
  • Her hair was strong enough to curl.

Rebecca told Kayla to make a supplement based on the Divine Lock method. So, Kayla made divine locks, and now anyone can buy supplements online.

How does Divine Locks Complex Really Work? Find out the Answer.

How Does Divine Locks Target Dermal Papillae to Improve Hair Quality?

Divine locks claim to target cells called dermal papillae. These cells are linked to the quality of the hair. As you get older, these cells become pinched, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the cells. It weakens the appearance of your hair, making it easier to break down stress with each passing year.

Kayla claims to have discovered a way to “unpinch” the dermal papilla, which will have powerful benefits.

Like a medieval witch doctor, Kayla use obscure herbal extracts to open the dermal papilla, which helps women regenerate their hair. Here’s a look at the research process for the Divine Locks website by Kayla.

“Kayla Rochin continued her work; until she found a vague group of natural herbs; she says they are less than 0.005% of all the plants in the world. Even out of this small group. , Only one dermal papilla was promising enough to “unpinch” the cells.

Kayla claims to have identified a high nutrient that specifically opens your dermal papillae cells.

This high nutrition not only kills the cells: it also claims to help your body make new dermal papillae cells. Kayla claims that a super experimenter has increased dermal papillae sales by 158% in one test.

The sales page for Divine Locks is full of women who have regenerated their hair using this high nutrition. You take the divine locks daily, unlock your nutrition cells, and your body releases new cells, giving you a better hair tone and restoring nutrients to the region.

Divine Locks Ingredients:

Obviously, you can find other hair supplements that promote similar benefits, but there are probably cheaper inferior formulas that will not produce the desired results. These hair extensions claim to support hair growth, but in reality provide and provide only a few notable effects. Some, such as Divine Locks, claim to do it especially on bald spots, and suggest that they reattach your hair.

Most hair supplements do not work. Some beads are multivitamins. Others are filled with extraordinary herbal extracts with limited scientific evidence.

What is inside the divine lock? The manufacturer offers complete labels and a list of ingredients, but they do not provide individual doses of the most important ingredients (herbal extracts), but for proprietary blends that are very standard because we know that most nutritional The ingredients are listed first.

However, here are some of the components we know about, including the Divine locks, including the manufacturer’s description of how they work:

Algae Extract:

Algae extract is more popular than ever. Some studies show that algae extract is a superfood. It is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. That’s why you see extra health extracts (such as spirulina).

lock makers claim that their algae extract proves to revitalize your hair by scattering the cells of your dermal papillae. They also claim that algae extract from your body usually produces new dermal papillae cells 169 faster than that.

Saw Palmetto Extract:

The extract of Palmetto is an herbal extract that has been used for centuries for masculine movements. Some additional hair growth supplements also use sawdust extract, which, despite limited evidence, solves the problem.

Kayla claims that the juice of Palmetto in the divine locks will increase the number of 83.3% thick hair, 90% strong hair, and hair pieces on one’s head by 27%. Banana also claims that palmetto results in a reduction in hair flow and an overall improvement of 60%, among other benefits.


Silica is an important mineral that your body needs for overall health and wellness. Silica is essential for hair and skin health. Kayla claims that the silica in the divine locks will cause thicker and more pleasing hair.

Urtica Dioica:

Urtica Dioica, better known as Stinging Nettle, is a common herbal extract found in many supplements. Banana claims that this ingredient has been studied for its ability to increase dermal papilla cell production by up to 70%.

Glycine Max:

Glycine Max is an ingredient we don’t see in many supplements. However, Kayla claim that it will increase the production of skin papilla by 10% while among other effects it has also led to 29% more overall hair growth.

Other Active Ingredients:

Divine locks also contain biotin, pantothenate, alfalfa, peony, and vitamin E. These ingredients are not linked to hair regrowth or baldness, but they do provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs for health and wellness.

Other Inactive Ingredients:

Divine locks do not reveal their inactive components. It is impossible to see what the capsule is made of or what fillers, binders and preservatives are in each tablet. Usually, supplements list this information under the ingredient label.

Divine locks contain a total of 28 components. The company claims to be supplying these ingredients “from all over the world” and in the United States.

Divine Locks Pricing:

Divine Locks is priced at $34 to $39 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order.

  • 1 Bottle: $39 + $6.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $111 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $204 + Free US Shipping

Divine Locks Refund Policy:

The 180 day refund policy backs up the divine lock.

If you are unhappy with the quality of your hair or the color of your hair after using Divine Locks, you can request a full refund within 6 months of your original purchase date.

Return address: 37 Inverness Drive E STE 100, Englewood, CO 80112
Note: The Terms and Conditions page lists a completely different refund policy. The Terms and Conditions page claims that you have 60 days to request a refund and you do not need to return the bottles. It is not clear what refund policy applies.

You can find three special packages for purchase.

Who Created Divine Locks?

Divine Locks was created by cosmetologist Kayla Rochin. We found a California-based hair stylist named Kayla Rochin, but we haven’t found a cosmetologist or researcher by that name. It is not clear how much medical experience Kayla Rochin has or how many people she has treated balding with, if any.

However, the Divine Locks Sales Page insists that Kayla has spent her life researching and finding solutions to her hair problems. Kayla worked with Click Bank to sell Sky Locks online.

You can contact the Kayla and Divine Locks team via the following:

  • Email: support@divinelockscomplex.com
  • Phone: 866-393-3483

Divine Locks Complex website

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