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Bosidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device, Epilation for Women & Men - Body and Face:

Bosidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device, Epilation for Women & Men – Body and Face:

Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device:

Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device: is the first to introduce medical-grade technologies used in cosmetic centers into at-home hair removal devices. OPT strengthens each effective pulse, giving you the same intensity normally only found in medical hair removal devices. Light strikes follicles deep at the root, easily removing even the toughest hair. By rapidly emitting soft pulses of light, medical-grade continuous pulse technology allows heat to build up at the root and effectively suppress hair regrowth.


Description of Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device:

Bosidin worked with a team of experts in the field of medical beauty to develop a revolutionary new hair removal system, one that targets and removes hair in each region of the body differently (face, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, etc.). Press the gold button under the same side of these icons and choose the one that suits you.

The original dynamic cooling device precools the skin immediately before hair removal. This make hair removal completely painless, even the most sensitive areas are safe to use. The DCD finally makes hair removal a one-step process – no gels, creams or ice packs needed.

Double function in a single device, designed for the unremitting pursuit of beauty. Device adopted photo rejuvenation light source which emits a three-layer, infrared light to activate collagen, reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s elasticity. BoSidin is your best choice of exquisite life, the device won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award with its luxury appearance and high-quality .

Flexible and convenient ergonomic design with one touch to auto-flash mode brings you the smoothest and fastest operating experience. The precision head can rotates 180 degrees in both directions, help you access difficult-to-reach places. Full-body hair removal as fast as 15 minutes. Please note that we recently update the machine and cancel the LCD screen display, with the high-performance quartz lamps it allows a person to use more than 25 years.

Combining Hair Removal + Skin Rejuvenation:

With Bosidin, you can say goodbye to facial hair, body hair, and even skin issues. The Bosidin at-home hair removal system not only effectively removes hair in only three weeks, it also works to improve your skin. BoSidin’s system combines optimal pulse technology (OPT), frequently used in cosmetics centers, with its medical-grade continuous pulse process and red light rejuvenation to give you a professional and effective product.

A Customized Mode for Each Area:

Continuous pulse technology is already widely utilized in professional cosmetic centers, but BoSidin is the first to make it available at home. By rapidly emitting soft pulses of light, it allows heat to build up at the root and causes hair follicles to enter an extended state of dormancy. This physician-strength process removes hair evenly and prevents regrowth, for smooth, beautiful skin that lasts.

BoSidin’s at-home laser hair removal system also targets hair in each region of the body differently. You can switch modes with the click of a button, and the device automatically adjusts the settings to match characteristics such as root-length, thickness, and texture in whichever area of the body you’re targeting. The device repeatedly sends gentle pulses of light down the hair shaft, causing heat and energy accumulate. This disables the hair follicle, suppresses hair regrowth, and leaves skin that is smoother longer.

One Two Three, Smooth Skin for Life:

BoSidin’s system gives you sleek, lustrous skin in three simple steps. It’s so easy that even if you’re a total newbie to laser hair removal, using BoSidin will be a breeze. Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you’ve shaved the area being targeted.

First, connect the device to the power supply – the green indicator light will go on. Next, turn the intensity knob to the most comfortable setting (you can always start low and move it up), select the corresponding mode, and put on your sunglasses. Finally, put the device against your skin and press the power button.

That’s it, three simple steps. When you first begin, BoSidin recommends using it 1-2 times per week for an initial 3-8-week period (longer or shorter based on your individual hair and body type).

Hair Removal That’s Quick and Easy:

BoSidin is all about comfort and convenience. That’s why its innovative design includes a precision head that rotates 180 degrees in both directions, helping it reach and fit different areas of the body while still sitting comfortably in your hand.

In terms of design, BoSidin is miles ahead of other at-home laser hair removal devices. For example, it features a continuous pulse mode, during which the device can slide slowly up and down the skin, removing hair as it goes. This means no more cramped fingers from constantly pushing the power button. Even better, it’s fast. You can do your whole body in only 15 minutes.

Some other laser hair removal devices also require you to purchase additional attachments. BoSidin’s base model already includes a small-surface head, which fits perfectly on narrow, yet unexpectedly hairy areas, like fingers.

Worth a Second Glance:

While functionality and convenience are the top priorities of BoSidin’s skin experts, its device is nothing if not posh. Its streamlined, retro look features a matte green and white color scheme, accented by a glamorous champagne gold. It makes a great gift, maybe for someone else, or maybe just to treat yourself. BoSidin’s device even won a 2020 German Red Dot Design Award. So while you rush to stash away your razors and tweezers, you may just want to leave this one on the counter.

Pros And Cons:


  • 180°-Degree Rotating Head
  • 500,000 flashes.. Enough for 3-5 years 
  • Very easy to use at home 
  • Up to 96% hair reduction after only 3-4 sessions 
  • An integrated dynamic cooling system 
  • 6 smart modes designed for each body area 
  • Suitable for men and women 


  • Can be used corded only 
  • Not suitable for dark skin tone
  • Not suitable for people who have grey or red hair colors 

Safety Information:

The device can be used on the face and whole body of black hair at any length and red, gold, gray, white hair that no more than 0.2 inches. • Please mind that male beard only suitable for black hair. • Use on face, underarms, hands, legs and bikini line should use the corresponding mode, and skin rejuvenation should use the SR mode and remember to change to the SR attachment. Other body’s parts just select the hands mode.

Do not Use On:

 • scalp, eyebrows or anywhere near or around the eyes. Use in these areas may permanently damage your eyes. • a tattoo or permanent makeup in the treatment area. • pregnant or breast feeding women. • have a history of skin cancer or any other localized cancer in the areas to be treated • pre-cancerous lesions or multiple atypical moles in the areas to be treated • a history of collagen disorder, including a history of keloid scar formation or a history of poor wound healing • a history of vascular disorder • your skin is sensitive to light and easily develops a rash or an allergic reaction • lupus erythematodes, porphyria or congestive heart disease.

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